February 7, 2016

How Would Passage of an Act to Protect the Privacy of Healthcare Decisions Affect California Vaccination Polices?


Because the Act would prohibit the State from denying benefits to those who don’t receive vaccines, the provisions of SB277 to the contrary would be overturned. Schools could not prevent an un-vaccinated child from attending. Parents seeking to have their child not be vaccinated could still be required to listen to a physician explain the risks of not being vaccinated and the benefits of vaccination, as well as the known risks of vaccination. Subjecting a person to being informed of an opinion is not subjecting him to treatment.

The state could still prohibit a child with a disease from attending till he or she is no longer infectious, but it could not prevent people from deliberately contacting the infected person in hopes of developing natural immunity to the disease from exposure to it.

For the record, I sought and obtained vaccination to Hepatitis B to reduce my chance of being infected if were to accidentally be stuck by an acupuncture needle that had been inserted into a Hepatitis B infected patient. I also sought and obtained Typhoid Vaccine prior to going to China to study Chinese Medicine.  When the Polio vaccine came out, my parents lined me up in school to drink it. No one I knew had any adverse reaction to it. I’m not anti-vacccine. I am anti denying people the right to make their own heath care decisions. I’m also anti forcing people to act on the basis of science ignored or undone.

There are concerns, backed by evidence that otherwise reputable people have tried to destroy and suppress, that the MMR vaccine may lead to neurological damage when given to young people whose brains are still developing. The symptoms of these neurological disorders look ominously similar to the milder symptoms of those whose mothers came down with German measles (Rubella) when they were developing inside their mothers. German measles vaccination, the R in the MMR vaccine, is a process of injecting proteins from a disease that has already been proven to be neuroinflammatory (Rubella) directly into the blood stream.  Gee, what could possible go wrong?  Could this be the reason that Autism and related neurological disorders have increased in the population from less than 1 in 1000 to one in 88?

For boys and girls not pregnant, Rubella is a few days of inconvenience with a rash. For pregnant women, exposure threatens their unborn child with permanent, possibly severe, brain damage.   Unborn children could be completely protected from Rubella without putting boys or young girls at any risk, simply by women getting a Rubella vaccine prior to getting pregnant. Getting the vaccine as a right of passage with getting her first period would be a reasonable alternative to the current mandated schedule.  Yet, such a change in the vaccination schedule has not even been proposed by those advocating vaccination as a method of protecting the unborn from Rubella.

In every state where mandatory vaccination schedules have been put to a vote of the people, the schedules have been defeated.  People are genuinely worried that there is a correlation between the increasing frequency of childhood vaccinations and the increasing frequency of autism and related disorders. Because California keeps both vaccination records and records of diagnosis of learning disorders, it is feasible to compare the rate of neurological disorders between children who’ve had vaccines on schedule with those who are un-vaccinated. Why wasn’t this done before the legislature mandated everyone be vaccinated?  The science that could be done to dispel concerns of parents has not been done.  If the science were to be done and no link can be found, then we could all rest easy and the vaccination rate would be so high there would be no need to mandate vaccinations. If the science does eventually get done and the link is shown, the Legislators have to sleep with what they have done, parents have to mourn obeying a law, and their children have been robbed of their intelligence and promise of a full life’s potential.



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