January 19, 2016

Would Passage of the Act to Protect the Privacy of Health Care Decisions Legalize Recreational Drug Use?


Recreational drug use is by definition, not medical drug use, so no, passage of the act would have no affect on the legality of recreational drug use. It would however, legalize as a right, the medical use of any drug or herb whether or not the drug or herb could be used for recreational purposes.

This is one reason why the right to make private health care decisions is abridged for addicts.  Otherwise shyster lawyers would claim, “My client has a right to manage his addiction, a medical condition, by taking the drug he is addicted to without being under the care of a licensed health care provider.”   Such would just be an excuse for an addict to remain an addict. This Act is not to be mis-used by those who want to become or stay addicted to drugs of any kind.  Physicians will continue to be liable to their licensing authorities and their patients for prescribing addictive substances in a manner that leads to addiction. The courts are to construe interpretation of this act with these caveats in mind.


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